When are your meetings?
The Club holds luncheon meetings on Fridays during the winter season from November to April.
What type of people speak during the luncheons?
Each speaker must have a reputation as an outstanding, well-respected leader and role model in his/her area of expertise. To offer program variety, speakers are selected from academia, business, economics, finance, government, health, international relations, media and the arts, science and technology. To be considered as a speaker, one must be currently in office or recently retired and nationally known as a CEO, chairman or president from a Fortune 500 company; an economist or financial analyst; a cabinet officer, agency chairman, congressman or Supreme Court justice; or “the best” in another identified field.
Who are your members?
The Club is a non-profit organization of professionals. Some are here in Naples on vacation from their busy lives throughout the nation; others retired here. Many are current or former officers and directors of Fortune 500 companies, or U.S. government administrators; others are active as business and civic leaders in our community. In short, the audience is vital and informed. Membership is capped at 420.
How many people are usually in attendance?
Attendance at the luncheons is approximately 350.
What is the honoraria paid to the speakers?
While Club policy prohibits honoraria, we do provide:
  • First class domestic air travel for two;
  • Limousine service to and from the airport or a rental car for the visit;
  • A suite on Thursday night, which can extend through the weekend, as our guest.


What do I do with my lunch tickets?
Many members find it helpful to put all tickets in their working calendar so that they will always be handy on luncheon day. Please bring your ticket with you to be exchanged for a table-seating chit.
What happens if I lose or forget my ticket?
Please call the office (436-3574) to let us know and we will issue a duplicate ticket for your use. If you are unable to do that, please visit the nametag table as soon as you arrive.
How do I get my table assignment?
Table assignments are available in the lobby beginning at 11 a.m. Charts are provided to allow you to see the dining room table set-up. Members may request no more than two chits, if they have another member’s ticket, or guest’s ticket, with them. Please do not ask the staff to give you more. Tickets must be presented to get seating chits.
How do I get a guest ticket?
Guest ticket requests are accepted only after the newsletter for the luncheon is e-mailed. Ticket requests must be made by e-mail. Requests are filled on first come, first served basis. Requests are not taken over the telephone, and are for one ticket only. Tickets are distributed based on availability and are mailed the Friday before the luncheon. Every effort is made to accommodate all requests. However, this is not always possible. We will inform you if your request cannot be filled. Therefore, please do not send a check with the request. Please note: Guest tickets are “Non-Exchangeable and Non-Refundable,” as is clearly marked on the ticket. Should you have a change of plans before the tickets are mailed, call the office immediately (436-3574). However, once the tickets are mailed, they must be paid for regardless of use. Finally, the member must accompany their guest.
How do I pay for my guest ticket?
A payment invoice and a return envelope will be mailed to you with your guest ticket.
If I cannot attend the luncheon, what do I do with my ticket?
You may give your ticket to a friend or colleague for their use. If you do, please advise them of the table seating chit system.

If the ticket will not be used by anyone, you may regret for the luncheon and receive a $30 refund per lunch at the end of the year. To do so, you must call, or e-mail, the Forum Club office no later than the Friday before the luncheon. There is no need to mail the ticket to the office once you notify us. Please destroy the ticket.
Meeting Reminders
Members are reminded of the luncheon dates the week before by e-mail. If you are among the few individuals who do not have e-mail, please call the office as soon as you know you are not attending. If you receive the e-mail from the Club and wish to regret, you may do so by return e-mail. Please do not regret if you are giving the ticket to a friend.
What if I cannot eat the food that is served at a particular luncheon?
If you are unable to eat an entrée for any dietary reason, you may request a fruit plate from your waiter. Please note the menu on the table and make your request known, to the wait staff, as soon as possible.
What should I do if I need assistance with walking or seating?
The Club makes every effort to assist our members with physical disabilities. If you use a wheelchair, walker, or other device, please call the Club in advance so that we may make arrangements to assist you. In most cases, we can pre-seat you before the dining room opens. Please do not attempt to do this yourself.
What if I have difficulty hearing the speaker at the luncheons?
You may request a hearing device from the name tag table. Please tell us your table number so that the hotel’s a/v staff may deliver it to you.
Forum Club of Southwest Florida, Inc.
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Naples, FL 34105
Phone: 239-436-3574
Fax: 239-262-0750
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